Sports Journalist with a penchant for horse racing, football and golf
As you can see, horse racing has always been in my blood...

Whilst never destined to be the next Tony McCoy, I have had a passion for the Sport of Kings since the day Muffit took me on a picturesque tour of the Cornish Countryside. Incidentally, although raised in Surrey, Cornwall is my birthplace; mum and day thought it a great idea to book a New Year's Eve holiday 300 miles from the Royal Surrey Hospital a couple of weeks before my expected entrance into the world.

Educated at Royal Grammar School Guildford, where I passed a few exams, I am currently in my final year reading English at the University of York. In that time, I've gotten my self involved in the student newspaper, have a regular Monday slot on the University radio station, played football for James College and (because why wouldn't you?) joined a band!

In my final year, I have become a published and paid writer, having undertaken work for the Sportling Life, Ascot Racecourse and, at Christmas, commissioned by the Jockey Club for a series of articles.